How you can help Myanmar's most vulnerable people today


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8 February 2021


One in four people in Myanmar live in poverty. That means 15 million people struggle every day just to survive. COVID-19 has devastated the livelihoods of low-income families, and the military’s takeover of the government on 1st February 2021 has seen the situation become even more precarious. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has seen job losses and forced businesses to close

Over the past year, Myanmar’s economy has been shrinking, with exports falling and businesses being forced to shut.  Thousands have been left without jobs, particularly across the manufacturing sector, one of the largest employers of blue collar workers.  Small and microbusinesses have suffered, particularly during lockdowns, and the gap between the rich and the poor has risen.

In Yangon, income losses have meant families have had to sacrifice.  With 400,000 people living in informal settlements throughout the city and limited welfare support, many have simply gone without food.


Political destabilisation is a threat to food security for Myanmar's most vulnerable people

With the military’s recent actions, the economic and political uncertainty has grown and has seen further interruptions to everyday life for low income families.  Many people were just starting to get back on their feet after two severe COVID-19 lockdowns and have now lost their incomes yet again.

  • Many factories and businesses are shut, with concerns about security and the future of their operations.

  • Hundreds of thousands of protesters have flooded the streets, with citywide disruptions. 

  • Many micro and small businesses have been forced to close, anxious about their safety and those of their employees.

  • Factory workers have not been able to attend work and many will not be compensated.

  • Daily workers have been unable to earn wages

  • Price hikes for basic goods as suppliers are forced to shut, with rice and oil increasing by 10-20% in a week.

  • Restrictions in supply to low income areas (in the outskirts of Yangon) as a result of security concerns by suppliers, with police having instead allocated their resources to monitoring large protest groups.

  • Communications have been severely hampered, with phone lines, the internet and social media having been temporarily banned.

  • Foreign investment has evaporated as investors take precautions in light of the political instability.  This is likely to see an even further drop in economic activity.

We support families most in need 

ZigWay is a social enterprise that aims to help people lift themselves out of poverty.  We offer a monthly subscription service to ensure low income families can access household essentials affordably.  We've already delivered enough food for 1.4 million meals with our service.

In these extraordinary times, we’ve dedicated ourselves to giving people an extra helping hand.  We’re now co-operating with local community organisations in Yangon to arrange food package distribution to families suffering from economic hardships. 

Our team is working tirelessly to battle stock shortages, labour scarcity, price hikes and safety concerns, but we are unrelenting in our desire to support people through this difficult period.


Update: 20 February 2021

Thanks to your generous donations, we've already delivered food packages to 600 households in conjunction with local community organisations set up by UN-Habitat.  We've also provided 60 high-risk families with free medical consultations and medication, thanks to the kind doctors at Thway Thit (Better Burmese Healthcare).

A little help goes a long way

  • Give:  We've negotiated with our suppliers to purchase basic essentials at bulk wholesale prices. A 10,000 ks (US$7.50) donation will buy a food package (rice, oil etc..) for a family of five for an entire week.

  • Share:  Spread our message to ensure the people most in need in our society are not forgotten.

  • Partner:  Whether you’re a community organisation or a supplier of goods, let’s work together to support Myanmar's communities.  Get in touch today!

How to transfer money:  To maximise the impact of your funds, we have chosen the most cost effective methods for you to transfer funds (to eliminate fees for crowdfunding sites and transfers). 


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