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How you can help
Myanmar's most vulnerable people today

Serves of rice distributed since February 2021


Households supported


  • Give:  We've negotiated with our suppliers to purchase basic essentials at bulk wholesale prices. A 10,000 ks (US$7.50) donation will buy a food package (rice, oil etc..) for a family of five for an entire week.

  • Share:  Spread our message to ensure the people most in need in our society are not forgotten.

  • Partner:  Whether you’re a community organisation or a supplier of goods, let’s work together to support Myanmar's communities.  Get in touch today!


How to transfer money:  To maximise the impact of your funds, we have chosen the most cost effective methods for you to transfer funds (to eliminate fees for crowdfunding sites and transfers). 

A little help goes a long way

Donate Myanmar


  Wave Money:    09761 818 741

  KBZPay:            09453 489 200


  KBZ (MMK): 05710 30570 25915 01

          (USD):  05710 90570 25915 01




A little help

We are looking for ways to provide emergency food and nutrition aid to displaced and vulnerable populations that are living in active combat zones.

Rising costs of fuel and food 

  •  Fuel prices in Myanmar were more than 133% higher at the end of March than they were in February 2021 (WFP's March Market Price update).

  •  Prices of edible oil increased by 23% from February to March 2022.

  • The typical rice price rose by 7% from February to March 2022.


Access concerns

  • Largely restricted travel authorizations, which are mainly active in conflict zones.

  • Largely restricted movement and access to information

  • Restrictions on the size of aid groups/organizations and where they can be located


Addressing humanitarian needs: Several humanitarian needs for those affected in Myanmar are increasing.

  • Food insecurity

  • Water scarcity and hygiene needs

  • Lack of medical care and medication

We support families most in need 

ZigWay is a social enterprise that aims to help people lift themselves out of poverty.  We offer a monthly subscription service to ensure low income families can access household essentials affordably. We've already delivered enough food for 1.4 million meals with our service.

In these extraordinary times, we’ve dedicated ourselves to giving people an extra helping hand.  We’re now co-operating with local community organisations in Yangon, Kachin State and Shan State to arrange in-kind and cash distribution to families suffering from economic hardships. 

Our team is working tirelessly to battle stock shortages, labour scarcity, price hikes and safety concerns, but we are unrelenting in our desire to support people through this difficult period.

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