Android developer

What you’ll do

Together with the founders of ZigWay, you design and build our apps.
* You are in charge of the design and code for the customer facing application, and you work with the backend developers to build a system that users trust.
* You spend time with customers to understand what they can and can’t do, so that you can build the right tool for them.
* You find new ways to access users that are smartphone beginners. Your job is to make life easy for them.
* Your role will evolve rapidly as the company expands.

Who you are

* You want to use your programming skills to make a difference for the poorer people of Myanmar
* You have built a few android apps before, and you understand the difference between a good and a bad design.
* You love to write code, and you like to interact with your users, to understand their needs and design the app of their dreams
* You understand and can explain the difference between consuming an API, continuous integration, a Java interface class and agile development.
* You post on stackoverflow over breakfast, merge request on github for lunch and commit patches for dinner.
* You like the idea that your job will evolve as the company grows.
* Myanmar is your native language, but you also speak fluent English.
* You’ve spotted (at least) one mistake in this job description.