Senior Javascript Developer

A Zigway team member is/has:

* A master or mistress of innovation – takes pride in being relentlessly resourceful in finding solutions.
* The ability to wear many hats and prioritise what needs to be done first in a fast-paced environment.
* Motivated by results and fueled by a spirit of excellence.
* Confident and highly self-motivated.
* Takes ownership of projects under your care and utmost pride in your work.
* A strong code of ethics based on integrity, trust and respect for all forms of diversity; regardless of race, language, religion, nationality, gender orientation or sports team affiliation.
* Ready, willing and able to be coached to greatness and have your highest potential unleashed.

What you’ll do

Together with the founders of ZigWay, you design and build our apps.

* Think through hard problems and develop software with amazing people to make the solutions a reality.
* Design software quality assurance test plan and execute test cases.
* Deploy applications to SIT/UAT/Production environment and provide post-implementation support our users.
* Work in a dynamic, collaborative, non-hierarchical environment where your talent is valued over your job title or years of experience.
* Build custom software using the latest technologies and tools.
* Manage, supervise and provide guidance to the software development team members.
* Craft your own career path.

Who you are

* Developing and deploying for > 5 years with HTML5, CSS, Javascript / Node.js or any similar exciting technologies.
* Worked with existing code exposed as APIs.
* Hands-on experience in analysis, design, coding, and implementation of complex, custom-built applications.
* Build responsive web applications that work across mobile and desktop web browsers and have great OO skills, including strong design patterns knowledge.
* Accustomed to creating responsive web applications and sites using Bootstrap or Material Design.
* Ability to operate within major source code management solutions such as Git.
* Familiarity with few databases, like MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, SQL Server, NoSQL, etc.
* Experience working with, or an interest in Agile Methodologies, such as Extreme Programming (XP) and Scrum.
* Knowledge of software best practices, like Test-Driven Development (TDD) and Continuous Integration (CI).
* Integrating various performance and analytics tracking frameworks and marketing automation tools to support business and marketing teams operating more efficiently at scale.
* Desire to contribute to the wider technical community through collaboration, coaching, and mentoring of other technologists.
* Comfortable working with teams in multiple locations and to work independently to plan and accomplish goals.